Wednesday, March 21, 2018

To Prevent Injuries and Death To Our People We Must Ban Autonomous Machines From Our Streets

It's clear to see that High Tech Corporations are using disruptive technologies to divide and conquer communities, services and industries by overwhelming them with more activity than can be enforced.

     These corporations lie and hide data and facts to convince often financially desperate people to be 'independent contractors' and work for them.     They promise huge incomes but their business model is based on maximum gains and minimal expenses, so folks go to work expecting to 'get ahead' in their lives or keep up with existing bills and obligations.

     The reality is that MOST APP WORKERS will make less than Minimum Wage.   Those that have more accidents, vehicle break downs or expenses or take out high interest loans to cover short falls in cash flow will end up being in much deeper debt and actually suffer losses, greater than their 'big income' from these global firms.

     They turnover employees and send multiple drivers (off the clock) to the same pick ups, because they can.   They can because you either are blind to the realities of their operations and work for them or you patronize them with your use of these renegade, cold blooded global corporations.

     Story 1 -  From Australian TWU - Transport Workers Union, saying 75% of Food Delivery App Bikers earn less than minimum wage:

     Story 2 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT Study says Average Wage for Drivers is $3.37 Per Hour.

       MIT did a Study that proves most Drivers make less than minimum wage.   Here is the link to the story about it:

     Once Hidden -- Long Term Agendas of Robot Makers & Wall Street/Global Privatization & Disruption Makers In Our Communities

     It is just like Orwell's 1984 (see latest performances of this classic) plus RoboCop being thrust upon us by deception, fraud and propaganda, against our will and against our best interests and harms us all.  

    You've seen Rockefeller interviews about where he says the elite's goal is to put chips they can control remotely, into everyone's body from decades ago -- but today, its the cell phone, androids, parking meters, cars and all things being 'chipped' for tracking and control purposes, to maintain status quo over our lives.

        In Uber's case, the end goal was to replace all of our long time licensed (and fingerprinted) commercial carriage drivers (i.g. cab drivers, public bus drivers) with Autonomous Robots, without regard for existing laws, traditions or respect for the lives and work of the people being replaced. 

     Now, as many have warned, a robot car killed a pedestrian  woman, walking her bike across a street in Tempe, Arizona, while other Uber Autonomous Cars were involved in an SUV roll over accident in the same city.     Anyone can say that no driver could 'likely' have prevented the fatal accident with the woman biker, walking her bike across the street,  but that's ridiculous! 

     A human driver familiar with the area, may have seen lots of bikes around and slowed down or been more attentive, or a human driver may have been able to see her or the bike through windows of cars and been aware of her, that a robot would never know to look for or see through glass of parked cars or through bushes, etc. 

     I do not recall any person I know 
(over the past several decades) asking for any autonomous or robotic machines or vehicles 
to be put onto our streets or sidewalks, ever!

     Only folks who want to replace us all with machines or those who invest in the dreams of control freaks (like Bank of America BOA) who has funds specifically for financing Disruptive (read de-structive) Technology schemes that destroy our communities, lives and local cash flows for their dreams and aspirations, not ours!

    Here is a link to a Comprehensive List of Ridesharing Accidents for you all to examine, involving Uber and Lyft.

 If you have a story about anything dangerous you saw or experienced to do with any rideshare or delivery app company,  please post public comments here or send private email to 

   If you do not want these dangerous machines near us, you must tell your local, state and federal legislators that you do not want these hazards near you or your family and friends in our cities and communities. 

   Take Action Now, before we have to start a list of People in San Francisco Killed By Autonomous Machines -- which to me, is unacceptable. 

   What Do You Think ?     

 Take The Poll For/Against Having Robot Machines Operate On Our Streets and Sidewalks, Now !

     Take the Poll On Autonomous Cars Here:     

      Please wake up to the danger of having any machine (that can have any kind of part failure or mistake in movement or braking, at any time, anywhere) like autonomous cars, trucks or delivery carts on sidewalks, near any of us or our families, babies, pets, bikers, disabled, elderly or mentally ill people and children or skaters who OFTEN jump out into traffic or sidewalks fast, without warning, anywhere.    

    Since most of these high tech, global 'privatization' type corporations have deep pockets with ties to the media, the danger of their 'disruptive technology' funded projects are destroying lives everywhere, but it's not being shown much on major commercial and public media channels.   

    STUDY the stories about the people, jobs, incomes and lives of people around the world have been endangered, lost and destroyed by these global companies.

   Companies like Uber, G4S, Serco pay the least and take the most from you and your communities.   

   They demonize existing local residents, public agencies, businesses (i.g. cabbies, Muni, Police, Sheriffs, Prisons, Jails, Hospitals, Parking Meters) and pay off politicians and overload communities with their schemes which wipes out the locals and redirects cash flows from locals to these renegade corporations and banksters from out of your town. 

  It's like a plague virus that must be wiped out of our lives, before they take all we have and kill us all for megaprofits. 
      Here is a link to a Poll that Asks You If You Want Robot Cars on Our Streets and Sidewalks or not, here:

 Be Safe and Be Aware of your surroundings at all times.

Moderator - SF Peoples' Fraud Task Force


Wednesday, June 7, 2017

¡Venga! Empanadas Staff Denies Public Use of #ParkletSF For 30th #TinyBBQ -Lies, Snitches to Police

The Following Blog Post Was Sent To Us For Action. 

Once our work is complete, we'll post our findings here and send a copy to other interested blogs and websites. 

Anyone who witnessed the Incident described below or whom also have been harassed or denied access or had police called on them without just cause, are encouraged to contact us by email or meet us confidentially, in person, at your convenience.  

    You are free to share information anonymously. 



    Or you may call and leave a message at (415) 449-1534 (voice/text)

     DATE OF THIS INCIDENT:     Saturday June 3, 2017  3pm - 6pm
     LOCATION OF INCIDENT:      443 Valencia Street, SF, CA - SF PARKLET

        ALLEGED VIOLATOR:     VENGA EMPANADAS - Parklet SF Permit Holder


   1.    Denial of Public Access/Right-Of-Way (i.g. Public Parklet, Posted)

   2.   False Report to San Francisco Police Department -- As Tool of Harassment

   3.   Waste/Misuse of Public Services - Emergency 9-1-1 Call Center;

  4.  Chilling of Rights to Access Public Parklets Safely, Without Interference or Obstruction 

   5.   TBD - To Be Determined 





   WEDNESDAY - JUNE 7, 2017 NOON - 

   From:  SFAwareness Community Blog Moderator

   Source URL:     

   To Wit:

On Saturday June 3, 2017 ¡Venga! Empanadas' Staff Denies Public Use of #ParkletSF For 30th #TinyBBQ -Lies, Snitches to Police


  We're working on our Next Posting about how a new, local 'upscale' restaurant's staff or manager 'Freaked Out' and denied access to the Public #ParkletSF to local advocates who've been doing #TinyBBQ 's for years, all over San Francisco on the sidewalks and in front of residential and business spots, including restaurants (mostly Mom & Pops we love!).

   That's six years of practice with 30+ Mini Street or Park #TinyBBQ events without any hazard or legitimate complaint,  until this past Saturday, June 3, 2017,  made by ¡Venga! Empanadas' Manager or Staff.  

   It was a special BBQ to celebrate our Cook (former rural firefighter) getting a job and being the proud grandfather of a new one year old,  with his daughter and a hand full of friends and Feed The People advocates. 

   Total in group was about five.  

     One of the attendees lives across the street and we found out Thursday, June 8, 2017, that he too, is a former fire fighter.  He used to fight Forest Fires up in the northern California counties.  

  Very safe #TinyBBQ events, indeed. 

   We also learned that folks around San Francisco and in Cleveland, New York and Chicago and Texas are all doing sidewalk BBQ's with no problems, just lots of community building, neighborly fun for all.

   We use a small 18" or 22" Weber 'smokeless' grill on a stable bike cart, in a
fixed position - that has been used at many events and public feedings over the past six years.

   Often with fair and reasonable San Francisco Police and Fire Staff cruising by to check out our BBQ, without violations or problems or hazards to anyone. 

  That's why we don't do open flame and always use 'smoke less' style grills and carry extra water, etc.

  Our grill is actually about half as tall (stubby) as the example shown in the picture.    It's securely mounted on a steel framed bike cart.   Safe & Easy.

  This Story is still being written and witness statements and records, being gathered which will be posted here,  when final.

      We have pictures which show the lack of smoke anywhere near the sidewalk or front doors or windows of the empanada place.

      Yet, the manager or staff guy who started this mess, was yelling and screaming about smoke... and likely lied to 9-1-1 operators and police about same. 

   'Oh, terrible clouds of smoke...'  that did not exist (once the starter fluid gets going after 2 minutes) and could not have gone near them due to constant 25mph winds and the use of the Weber 'smokeless' style mini-BBQ's which have a lid.

  The Story will include how much it cost for reluctant police to respond,  what each of the officers said and did... and our groups' accusations of violations of law and SF Parklet rules and harassment by the Parklet Permit Holders' Staff or Manager and more, coming very soon. 

   Because this Parklet Permit holder appears to have violated several laws and regulations,  their transgressions and other hazardous behavior is being documented and assembled by your local San Francisco Peoples' Fraud Task Force Volunteers, for publication.  

    Other journalists who have covered related 'Parklet' Stories and other independent media have been invited to cover this incident, since it relates to and impacts us all and our rights to safely access any public space for any peaceful or non-hazardous purpose.

     Anyone who denies any of us our rights to our own spaces needs to be held accountable for their transgressions, especially when they lie and misuse police resources to satisfy their own malicious intent or for profit motive interests, that violate all of our rights.

Volunteer Moderator
SFAwareness Blogspot

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Help Catch A Thief! Did You Make Selfie Pics or Videos on 10/10/16 in SF Mission District?

    On Columbus Day (Indigenous Peoples' Day), this past Monday, October 10th, 2016, at about 10pm -- a black 6" x 4" ZTE Z970 ZMAX Android Smartphone was snatched out of the hands of one of our legal investigators, at the new Parklet in front of Samovar Tea, at the corner of 15th Street & Valencia Street, in the 400 Block of Valencia Street, in the SF Mission District.  

    The advocate investigator needs that particular phone to finish his work on the #WhoKilledRosco G4S Portrero Safeway Guard Assault & Animal Cruelty Case -- for court case(s) -- in the Mission District.

    Some information on the stolen smartphone can't be easily reproduced.   It has contact information for family, peer advocates, witnesses of crimes and personal information on it.    I had backed up a large percent of the data before it was stolen by this thief, but not all of it.

    This Thief took much more value from me and the folks seeking justice in court cases we're working on, in this theft then he could ever sell it for.

    Many notes on it are needed to prosecute the Guard, G4S and Safeway for the assault on one of our peers and his tiny dog 'Rosco' who was kicked twice.  
    Resulting in a painful death lasting over five hours, until he was found in the Haight District, 2 miles away from the Potrero Safeway.

G4S Potrero Safeway Guard

   Which is where the guard Charles Lamar Moore attacked his victims several times over a few hours, using disguise, stealth and cunning.

    He likely learned as a Marine and after attending the San Francisco Police Academy where (according to his resume) was 'a fast paced, highly disciplined, paramilitary environment.


     A very lean, short haired, clean cut, smooth faced man with an earring in his right ear, tall (6'-2" to 6"-4" height), medium light skinned (slightly darker than carmel color) man, about 25 years old, wearing a wrinkle free, bright white T-Shirt (short sleeved or thin sleeves rolled up) and slender or tapered style dark pants (not baggie, or loose) with no wallet, keyrings, backpack, coat or bulges in pants, wearing gym shoes.

   -- Based on interviews with locals and article written in Mission Local -- this same young man, was stalking locals and tourists on that same day,  from 6pm until 10pm, stealing phones, wallets all around the 3x3 Zone from 16th Street & Valencia to 15th St, 18th St, Mission St and Guerrero Streets.  Maybe even up to Dolores Street.

   Our long time locals tell us this man has been preying on this area for the past 30 days, and may be working with another man with light skin (caucasian) who helps distract or block victims from chasing.



   It's our hope that you may have been taking pictures or selfies within blocks of 16th Street & Valencia Street on Columbus Day, Monday October 10, 2016 and may have a shot of this aggressive thief which we need to identify him with.  

   Please check ALL your photos and videos for October 10, 2016 to SEE if you see anyone wearing tall, medium carmel colored skin, wearing bright white T-Shirt in your pictures and send us a copy.

   Before we use any of your photos during the investigation of these multiple crimes, we will blur out EVERYONE in the photo, except the Suspect(s) identified by witnesses or other video or still shots we get from local businesses around the area.

  We will protect your identity and use the photos solely to identify and capture this thief monster.

   If you need help getting photos off of your phone, we have experts available to help you for free.

   NOTE:  The bright white T-Shirt may be the new kind with a tiny, thin 'hoodie' on the back that can be flipped up to hide head and face (i.g. as he slinks up and down the store front walls when he's stalking potential victims).

   And then flip it down, while he's making the move to sneak up behind you, poised with left hand held up high and right hand down low and make a noise to startle you -- into turning around with your hands and device moving directly into his 'Hand Trap'.

    At that moment, you think its fight time and as you check his hands for movement -- up high and down way low -- and start to attack -- he slaps his hands together like a sideways clap -- and slaps both hands onto your horizontal device in your hands -- then grabs and runs…

     Before he stole this ZTE Smartphone (at the new 411 Valencia Street Parklett in front of Samovar Tea) that late evening (10pm), the same man attacked an older latino man a hour or so before who had walked from an ATM Machine on south side of 16th Street down Julian Street next to Mission National Bank for his wallet using the 'hey, dropped your money' scam.

  That man was able to hit the man from behind causing thief to drop the wallet (empty) which delayed the victim long enough for the thief to run away.

   An hour or so before that, he attacked a bicyclist for his cell phone, near 16th Street and Mission.

   So, now, after he steals your stuff and gets a 20 foot head start… he turns around to see if you're following or attacking and runs backwards a bit, until he feels safe enough to run on.   When he stole the Smartphone from the legal advocate, he went east on 15th St from Valencia and turned up the alley (south) next to the Church, between Julian Street and Valencia.

   Please post this to all the people you know who live in San Francisco or may have been visiting here.

UPDATE:  MON JAN 2, 2016 --  We received an email from a woman who saw the ads on Cell Phone Thefts in the mission district that included a description of Two Men, One young, tall, dressed in baggy pants, hoodie - who talks loud on cell phone to his 'girlfriend' while casing out cafes (like Muddy Waters) and the Second Man, being in his 50's, wearing nice brown suit who arrives later to go in and steal phones in the cafes.

   She said they were hanging out in front of the Fish Market near 23rd and 24th Streets and Mission/Valencia Area.  She spotted these guys scoping out the Purses and Cell Phones of the men and women around.  They sensed her awareness and followed her, trying to block her in to steal her phone.

   She ran away and kept herself and her phone safe by BEING AWARE at all times on the streets.


Continued original story:

   If you really, really hate criminals and cell phone and purse snatchers,  you may consider looking at all the photos taken on your phone in that area, for the past two months and we may get lucky and find photos of this scumbag at the same locations and times of many more crimes.

  We have a team that is doing community outreach to get videos from businesses in the area and will work to get all the crime reports for the past two months to make timelines of all the crimes in the zone, that involve robbery, snatching and grabs similar to the 3 we already know about.

  Thank you for any help you can give. 

   Many thieves cause physical harm and death to their victims, in addition to the lost data, contacts, emails and personal and business information that often can't be replaced. 

  These thieves put us all at great risk and we must work together to stop them.

  We also need donations to get Wanted Posters and Reward Posters printed and distributed throughout the area. 

  We're also forming community volunteers to help us spot theives; witness their crimes and call police, as we cruise the zone to keep us all safe.  

  Any help you can provide by sharing this information, donating photos or videos or spare change to help us pay for printing would be greatly appreciated.

  I first moved to the SF Bay Area in 1978 and have never seen this much violent thieving and bold robberies by so many young people, during my life here.

   Or perhaps the last time our city was artificially inflated by Wall Street and Outsiders during the dot com buildup and collapse.  Big money lures slick, violent thieves every time.

   Our City Leaders have SOLD US OUT for blood money, that lets outside and global corporations to jack up the costs to live here, our SFPD as we've seen first hand, will often not act to help us even when they are on the scene of a crime in real time.



   s/J. Leonard

  EMAIL:  SFBaySurf@Zoho.Com

 SF Community Advocate (unofficial)
 Legal Investigator for The People
 Former Shelter Monitoring Committee Member (for ID only)

   More Details: 

   $500 Wanted Posting on Craiglist - 

   Crime Wave Alert Posting on Craigslist - 

   Full Story on SFAwareness Blogspot -  

    LEARN MORE:   SF Background & History leading up to today's political gentrification, corruption, crime and takeover of our city's spaces, cash flows, cost of living and 'disruptive technologies' that are destroying our city today! 

   Start listening to KALW's YourCallRadio with Rose Aguilar (or download podcasts at and Get the Book they're talking about right now on today's 10/27/2016 Your Call Radio Show) titled 'Company Town' -

   Rose Aguilar (award winning journalist and host of YourCallRadio.Org) has been spending time in the Dakotas, at the Standing Rock Reservation, speaking with victims of G4S & Police Assaults and the Great-Great Grand Daughter of Sitting Bull.

    Rose Aguilar is a GREAT Native American Who Stands Up To Speak Truth !

     Listening to her reports enabled us to become aware of the Human & Civil Rights & Treaty Violations against our brave, righteous natives, water protectors, journalists, protesters & Supporters.

    Including story of the protesting young daughter of a WWII Purple Heart Veteran -- who 'talked' police out of attacking with various weapons several times, by saying her loyal father would NEVER have imagined Militarized Police & Security Officers would be using illegal force and brutality against his daughter in 2016, while they attack native americans who are non-violent.    She is so honest and brave and truth kept her safe, until...

   AN INFILTRATOR (behind her, acting as a supporter) exchanged hand signals with cops on the line (pointing his finger at her head from behind and getting 'the nod' from the cops) and then pushed her from behind into the police line where she was attacked.

    He was arrested too, but later, she saw the video of the surprise attack and SAW THE INFILTRATOR behind her, exchanging hand signals with the cops who attacked -- which proves it was a setup by cops or G4S Tactical Black Ops agents, to CAUSE PHYSICAL CONTACT TO enable or justify beatings, arrests and demonizing in the Elite's paid off mass media. 

   ONLY from truth tellers like Rose Aguilar and KALW and Your Call Radio Shows will you HEAR & SEE THE TRUTH that mass media will continue to hide from your sight. 

Be Safe!

Volunteer Advocate Moderators 
Submitted by the SFAwareness Group to the SF Peoples' Fraud Task Force for Action.