Friday, May 15, 2015

Welcome To Your Local-Global Fraud Resource aka The SF People's Fraud Task Force

We welcome all of you to this brand new website.  It's a natural extension of the progression of Our People's Struggles in San Francisco, born of over 200 Cultures, Backgrounds and Genres.    Riches to Rags, Rags to Riches and everything in between.

   Since circa 2006, our moderators, peers, allies and adversaries have been sharing real life experiences from the Homeless Shelters and Streets of San Francisco to the insides of nearly every government, commercial and non-profit entities and individuals and groups who came forward to share their real life stories of abuse, corruption and fraud with us all, upon a series of expanding web sites and blogs.

   When the founding moderators of the original 'anonymous' SFHomeless Yahoo Group (circa 2006-2007) they cleverly decided to invite every 'lead' agency, church, group, non-profit, investors, investigators, reporters, advocacy and whistleblower in the world, first, before we invited all the local government, shelter contract holders, human service programs, et al., to watch the unveiling of exposure of Their Crimes, in a way that had never been accomplished before.

   Instead of witnesses and suspects 'being intimated', disappearing or overdosing on meds to cover up millions of dollars worth of human trafficking, narcotics, pharma meds, prostitution and meth labs operating INSIDE our local homeless shelters, programs and nearby warehouses, by using Anonymous Reporting To All, we saved many lives and produced mountains of evidence to prove it all.

   Many home-less residents, shelter and program clients and staff and some management all risked their lives to post pictures of all the meals, abuses, crimes, death and human trafficking and narcotic trafficking and abuse dens, which are still our city's and other city's shelter and human service programs to one extent or another.

   Because everyone in town from all groups were drawn in to see real life conditions and bad acts unfold, we all were empowered to do what we wish with what was posted as rumor, suspicion, theory or fact and apply it to the people around them, connected to any given issue.  Because of what YOU people shared,  lights were turned on to expose abuse and a trend to end corruption has become many folks best works during these strange times.

   As we connected Bad Acting Corporations and paid off politicians (exactly as the honorable Tom McLaughlin created and acted out in the Two Billy Jack Movies you all must see to understand exactly what is happening today in this year's movements and elections) as the direct leading cause of harm, violation of human rights, human trafficking, fraud, privatization, gentrifcation, job loss for locals, mass importation of foreign workers loyal to corporations and Uncle Sam exclusively;  and homelessness.

 We Targeted:

  1.  Inhumane conditions inside shelters, food, sanitation, abuse, meth labs in shelter basement kitchens, attempted murder by cooks poisoning client food, stealing $10k+/month of purchased meat, bacon food stocks, helped pass world class first SF Homeless Shelters Standard of Car Laws.

 2.  EBT Food Stamp Benefit Card Frauds - J.P. Morgan EFS either trained wrong or overlooked local Subway Sandwich Shops (2 in the Polk St. Dist), Pizza Parlors and Delis illegally charging Sales Tax & Fees for buy hot meals with, as Kroger Inc. did for a decade in Florida.

 3.  Exposed Diebold Voting Machine Fraud, helped many campaigns Get Out The Vote in doing outreach to our poor, elderly, home-less, disabled and vet communities.

 4.  Exposed abuse by DPW Workers intentionally spraying chemicals on sleeping homeless on very cold nights, even if they had no intention of really cleaning.  Exposed beatings of transgenders and youth by local business owners, ignored by SFPD with good witnesses demanding protection.

 5.  Participated in Occupy, helped on the down low several Muni Bus Drivers, DPH Workers and Cops with Anti-Eviction and Anti-Foreclosure and bank and mortgage fraud cases.

 6.  Supported candidates who support exposing fraud, tearing apart tyranny and plunderers who are not from here and locals who help them steal local space, resources and cash flows that we need for ourselves, to be prosperous and competitive against them all.

 7.  Interviewed, shared stories with over 1,200 homeless on the street and in shelters and programs.  We stopped because all their stories with names, dates and methods of abuse were almost identical.   No one was lying, we had no more to learn about how huge the crimes were and who did what.   We had it all and needed to get more from other 'communities' in our city.

   So, after 'doing homeless issues' we expanded from what impacted the 10-25,000 chronic homeless folks in our city; we moved on and went inside the SRO Hotel System (Single Room Occupancy - Rat boxes overvalued that cause depression, isolation, stationary targets for drug dealers, pharma pushers) with the Mission SRO Collaborative and exposed those scams.

   1.  Spent years learning about some 400-500 SRO Hotels, with 49 in the mission, housing some 15-25,000 'poor people' on various section 8, GA, SRO housing situation, off the streets.  

  2.  Learned when folks are 'harassed' on the streets by cops, local bad acting business owners, community ambassadors, they either lock themselves into their SRO 'boxes' and get worse or they get mad and take action.

  3.  We helped support a suit by tenants which made the Mission SRO Collaborative, one of the first to 'take down' a building in bad condition away from an owner and get a judgement in their favor.   This is one of Honorable SF Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi's 'pet projects' or groups which has done an outstanding job at reducing harm, informing tenants of their rights and obligations and taking action to stop abuse of local people living in misery.

  4.  Saw by what means folks 'recycle' back from SRO boxes to the streets and shelters.    Saw 'on site' services help some folks which is an improvement.  Posted articles and set up database of SRO Hotels on various wiki's and sites for folks to use to track conditions at their hotels.

   That led us onto expanding SFAwareness Group, once we saw more corruption inside SRO Hotel Management in profit and not for profits and saw outside banksters create 'closed communities' with onsite food, drink, recreation, we saw how they were dividing us all and cutting off all contact and business between 'our locals' and their imported (from abroad, NY, Texas, Florida, London City, China) 'loyalists' and all of ours' money.  

   By linking up like minded folks from the Gulf States (during Katrina and BP Deepwater Horizon) and others in our nation's 3,000+ Counties, we figured out that all we experience here in San Francisco, is being rolled out from the globalists and feds from coast to coast and beyond.

   So, we decided to go more global and link up all locals around the globe who have the same 400 Elite Families & Corporations and Banksters as our common origin of most of the worlds suffering and loss and premature death of millions of humans every year around the planet.

   That pushed us to leave Facebook and the data spying and venture out to Icelandic Servers called Seen.Is and UnSeen.Is which is like FB, minus tracking, collection and resell of your privacy or behavioral analysis of your contacts, likes and networks of peers.  

   The end results of much of the information you all shared with the previously formed online groups mentioned above, will be maintained here on the San Francisco People's Fraud Task Force because that's what most of issues revolve around.  

   We'll maintain 'token' presence on other social networks (i.g. ugh, Facebook, ok=Twitter) but we're focussing on this blog and our work on Seen.Is and UnSeen.Is which is like 100 times easier and less annoying or distracting as Facebook was.


It may be a long hot summer... so pay attention to Mark Twain and be as cool in San Francisco (and your town) as he was when he was here and Act As You Wish but don't React as learned on Billy Jack Movies... :) :)

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