Saturday, May 16, 2015

San Francisco Peoples Best Dreams-Corrupt Elites Worst Nightmare Coming True in 2015 ! Wheeeeee !

The People of San Francisco's Best Dreams and The Corrupt Elite's Worst Nightmare Is Coming True in 2015 ! Wheeeeee !

  A D.I.Y. Local government is ready to go!   A long overdue 'Government of The People of San Francisco'.   A great paradigm shift, just in time.

  Wow!  Check this out.   Elders (with All Due Respect) are coming out of the woodwork to take care of The People's Business, in many diverse forms and platforms of Restorative Justice, For The People.

   The Honorable Ross Mirkarimi, like the Warriors of Sparta, has Risen Above the con games and smear tactics of the elite, in a prime position to transform our county law enforcement and jail custody system into a World Class Model to share with Our Beloved (and elite infiltrated) 3,000+ Counties of these united States.

   The Honorable Aaron Peskin, with his Cell Phone as a weapon by his side, like a Jedi's Light Saber, has all the inside knowledge, experience and contacts, everywhere to make city policies respond to the needs of the People (i.g. moratoriums in housing, evictions, commercialization, xtreme gentrification and monetization of space needed for basic housing needs of our locals, first;  things like reduction in unregulated traffic that harms us all; bringing back benches, trash cans, live musicians on every block;  reforms or purging of our departments of folks who have been corrupted, etc.) and his business acumen suggests he'd be fair to for profit ventures but only after our city is restored and our people are stabilized to a level that's better than the pre-2006 Invasion by Chase Bank, et al.

   And we have Folks we already know and trust, who have always worked for the betterment of our people and all humans, environment and our city's needs for decades and generations all around us. 

    For goodness sakes, we have tens of thousands of home-less and poor with degrees or skills that have been totally abused, shelved and programmized to 'move or stay out of the way' of all the tens of thousands of newcomers that have been ported into our city in that past decade.  Many of them or even more on top of those numbers are ten thousand newly homeless.

     Up to the point that we have seriously high numbers of 'new residents' whom most of whom or their families already here are likely to 'keep quiet' and be 100% loyal to the corporations and government agents who implanted them into our voting districts, as they wished, due to a general overall lack of public oversight (i.e. by NY/CO Billionaire controlled local media channels - i.g. SF Examiner,, SF Chronicle, local news channels who hate poor and homeless folks) and failure of Duty by local state and federal governments here.

 They let Corporate Elite invade, plunder, push around, beat down our people, our businesses and our social lives, as well.

   So, what's shaping up here in San Francisco, is the expression of rage, hatred and repulsion of all the folks who use and abuse money, power, space and people for massive personal gains, to the direct and indirect detriment to the communities, lifestyles, traditions, rights, resources and lives they invade and plunder.

    Since we have four of out five americans no longer trust government (or corporations for that matter) it's time again, in our nation's history for The People to take back all the abused powers of The Elite and basically, start all over again, as it was MORE THAN 200 YEARS AGO!  We're running late, as usual for San Franciscans.. hahhaa.

   Here, in 2015, We, The People of the City and County of San Francisco, Do Hereby Declare:

   1.  Our Primary Collective Will Is To Have A Government that operates on an Agenda, According to The Will of The People.

   2.  And To Put the Primary, Natural, Traditional, Basic Human Needs and Resources To Meet The Needs of Our People and their Healthy Environments, First, above and beyond the needs of any other people not from here or the subordinate fictional creations of The People, such as groups, gangs, collectives, societies, corporations and not for profit or religious or special interest group associations.

   3.  To have a Transparent Government that interacts with and responds to our needs and expressions of self-determination, as a Number One Priority.

   4.  As San Franciscans, we Wish To Have Music, Life and Free Associations on our sidewalks, streets, parks and public spaces without laws or practices that violate our basic human and natural rights and needs. 

   5.  Financially, we desire to De-Privatize the majority of our public works and services in order to reduce over costs for operations and residents' fees and keep billions of dollars worth of revenue inside our city limits, public and community accounts as public money earned fairly, rather than letting banksters and investors keep all our prices for even basic service higher and higher and take away billions in cash out of our local economy, for no good reason.  Si, se puede, Aqui Juntos!

   We are a World Class City whether we like it or not.   We must restore our core values, take back our seashores, skylines and cash flows and resources for our own people to use to purge out the plunderers and corrupted politicians and restore security, safety, stability and active properity for all of our residents, first, then pump up the tourism and commerce, afterwards, under the control of The People, not the banksters and their 'developers and lobbyists' who lie, cheat, steal and kill for a great upscaled living.

  Now, we have a Candidate for Mayor who is without a doubt, The People's Best Dream Come True and the Corrupted Elite's Worst Nightmare:

    Doctor Karla Gottschalk, A Female Attorney and UK Barrister who has already been documenting vast crimes of the Elite, past and present, all of her life.   And she has recently submitted claims and cases on behalf of The People of San Francisco & California into several courts, including in the Supreme Court of the United States, most recently.    She's up to speed (as most of the folks mentioned above who are fairly wise and hip to past and current events) on Racketeering between banksters, government planning departments, investors, deputies, appraisers, city/county officials who target land and homes for maximum profiteering, in secret.

    She's been on the Front Line of Occupies and Union Protests and Demonstrations and saw our people's ankles and wrists targeted for breakage by the S.F.P.D. and others acting under militarized, brutal federal advice or authority.   Dr. Gottschalk has brought the harms and human and civil rights violations before the Supreme Court of the United States, by way of a hand written, factual and compelling, six page Brief.   These are the realities of what people like Karla and those mentioned above DO, for all of you.

  From what I know about her (having helped her on issues, legal investigations, etc. for many years now) she intends to 'DO' whatever it is, The People of San Francisco wish her to do, but only after The People have had access to all the research, studies, investigations and facts of any given project, plan, policy, investment or action, so they are the most informed and wise Electorate in the nation.   In this way,  no longer can what the elite call 'ignorant' folks 'gain control' over government and wreck it all.  No, no, no.

    By giving The People transparent access to not only government works, but to knowledge and truth in all its forms (i.g. access to all reports of abuse, citizen complaints, public servant misconduct records, et al.) and academic and independent journalistic and investigative inforation and facts, Our People in San Francisco will again, regardless of 'literacy or IQ' will be fully informed, making the best, most reasonable decisions possible, for the common good.

    Had I not interviewed or chatted with over 1,200 home-less and another 500 SRO Hotel Residents and all of you peer groups, anarchists, occupiers, katrina and BP Deepwater Horizon Corexit Disaster Victims of The Gulf and Southern States, and all the shelter and human service staff, clients and newcomers from other cities around the world -- I'd likely have been totally blind to all the 'inside stuff' that explains why so many millions of us are not better off over the past few decades. 

    By suffering, being home-less, watching how our city has become impoverished by hordes of bankster cash driven 'outsiders' (REM: We love like minded or non-robot runaways from all places, just not the ones here to grub money for the elite) that have displaced and disfigured our city in truly horrible, inhumane and deceptive ways. 

 The people here and everywhere are sick and tired of it all.

   I believe the folks above and new Candidate for SF Mayor, Dr. Karla Gottschalk are going to turn our city back into a city that will again mirror all the uniquely diverse creative images and dreams of our people for maximum peace, value and prosperity for our residents and resident owned business concerns.  

   I encourage all of you to Sign Petitions to Put Every Candidate's Name On The Ballot and Participate 110% In Election 2015 and 2016 and every election from now on.   The Power is Coming Back To The Local People Everywhere, but YOU must be prepared to take actions to use it and take good care of it. Nothing in life is free.  All things take any combination of will, power, effort, time, knowledge and cash flows on Your Part, to maintain public oversight.

 It's DIY Everything Time!

The above is a summary of what we've heard from our peers, residents, local independent media (i.g. KALW Radio, Your Call Radio With Rose Aguilar, SF Public Press, indymedia, sources we know and trust) over the past 9 years or more.   And from recent gatherings of groups and conversations amongst various groups made up mostly of long time residents of the SF Bay Area and northern california.

I wish you all the best from here on out.  There is no going back now.   All battle lines have been drawn.  Support candidates and put yourselves into seats of power that put local humans and environments, skylines and seashores first and foremost every day.

      Circle All Our Wagons Around San Francisco :)  and teach the other 3,000+ Counties how to do the best by their own locals. 

     Together, all our people from coast to coast shall be stronger as a united nation, not a financially enslaved one with corruption and global privatization of almost everything we're capable of doing, for ourselves and our nation, not to enrich the global elite.

  Their songs and charms have no more affect on any of us anymore.  The People of San Francisco are capable and ready to take back their powers to create a World Class Model of our Entire City to share with others for the common good of us all, not just some of us.

J. Leonard -

SF Community Advocate
Co-Founder SFAwareness Group and Blog
Supporter of All Candidates who put humans and planet first.

Saturday, May 16th, 2015



  1. Wow! Its taken almost ten years of hard work on the part of so many thousands of san franciscan rabble rousers to get us to this Critical Point in History of our city and nation and world. Had all the people not showed up, spoken out and demanded change of this magnitude, none of this would have been possible.

    WIth All of My Heart, I deeply thank all the people of san francisco and the newcomers who 'ran away' from the control freaks of all points east of our city, who inspired me with their real life stories and supported all of our local groups to right the wrongs, expose the harms and cure the ills of our city and every county from coast to coast. Long Live The People of San Francisco and these united States.

    James Leonard
    SF Community Advocate

  2. Yes,it's time for beatniks,hipsters,transplants,homeless,working class, and freaks to unite against this soul robbing by the empty clown drones. This should have happened during the "Slick Willie" era though,but better late than never!