Thursday, June 4, 2015

Beware! Community 'Ambassadors', Security Guards Illegally Use Force on S.F. Streets, Lawsuits Pending

   For past few years (since the repugnant 'Red Coats' were deployed in Union Square), we're been collecting reports of Abuse of Authority, unwarranted, illegal assaults on elderly, disabled, homeless residents in San Francisco and beyond by so-called 'Community Ambassadors' and Private Security Officers. 

    These 'Authority Tokens' are employed by a variety of For Profit business interests.  

     Mostly by non-long time local establishments (i.g. Chains and out-of-area owners) like Cream Nation and 'business districts' pay cheap labor in uniform, and guns to 'shoo away' anyone that 'looks' like they are poor, weak, homeless, mentally or physically ill or vulnerable or any one of us, who chooses to stand or sit in one place too long, by the unjust 'corporate' standards used in place or rights and laws.

     An obvious top-down deployment of 'thugs' (i.g. Pinkerton Detectives used to intimidate, beat down union strikers and others throughout our history) to circumvent Civil Rights and Human Rights and local ordinances that local law enforcement usually must follow.  

    If you have information about Assaults or Violation of your rights by any 'Community Ambassador' or Security Officer and you must realize that it is ILLEGAL for them to TOUCH YOU unless it's in fact, to protect life or 'serious' damage to property owned by their employers.  

    The US Supreme Court has recently ruled that Property Owner's property on city streets ends at their Door Frame. All of the Sidewalk and Pavement beyond that is Public.

      No private person (or door man or security officer) has proper authority to 'move you along' or tell you to leave a public space unless you are causing harm to others, on our sidewalks, alleys and public spaces, or you are 'seriously' blocking an entrance or taking up more than 20% of the sidewalk or 'access ways'. 

     Clubs can make lines all they want along their building, but can't tell folks at a curb smoking or standing for example, to move.   They can stand as they wish and cops on the beat can distinguish between folks standing & smoking at curbs versus loiterers, trouble makers or club patrons not being in an orderly line for a venue.
    Send us YOUR reports or Statements and Cases of any abuses by Community Ambassadors, Red Coats in Union Square, Embarcadero or security officers or even police officers who are abusing authority and causing undue harm to our rights or our people most in need, to:   SFAwareness@Zoho.Com

      After we gather more of your stories and evidence, we'll be releasing 'anonymized' summaries (we hide all personal names of the innocent, witnesses, staff, investigators, et al.) for your reference and enjoyment. 

   Until we publish those summaries, here are some interesting YoutTube Videos to study and learn from: 


Taking Great Care of Your Community's Homeless, Poor, Elderly and Disabled is More Humane and Less Costly and Save Lives More Often Than Using A Cop, Security Officer or Community Ambassador as Dangerous, Costly Substitutes that Cause Conflict, Harm and Liability for no Humane Cause.



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