Monday, June 8, 2015

Yes. Just as Many So Called White People Shot By Police in US As All Other Groups Combined

   In these united States, in 2015,  the number of 'African Americans' Killed By Police Officers is 138.   The rest are 72 Hispanic/Latino, 22 Other/Unkown, 10 Asian/Pacific Islander and 4 Native Americans.   Wow!  That's a Two Hundred and Forty Six (246) dead humans that do not have 'white colored' skin.   246 Non-Whites killed by Police in the U.S.
   How Many White Skinned People have been killed by Police in the U.S. ?   Guess.

According to this chart there has been Two Hundred and Forty Three White People Killed By Police Which Is About Equal To Total Number of Non-Whites Killed.  Half the Humans Killed by Police Are White Skinned and The Other 50% Are Dark Skinned, Period.     There you have it.  Just as we've posted that many times more 'white looking people' were abused, plundered and worked to death as 'less-than-slaves' for centuries outside of and inside the Americas.  It's about Individual Human Rights Alone and As Being of One Race.

    In fact, after millions of irish, scottish, welsh and other 'white looking' people's lands abroad were plundered, the elite abused us in America, long before any great numbers of 'dark skinned', valuable slaves were brought here.

     And once brought here, the people from Mexico to South America owned ten times as many slaves as the U.S. did, but had millions of 'white looking people' who had no value, no rights and were prohibited from voting by The Elite. 

     The Kings (of all skin colors) and Churches (of all skin colors and beliefs) have deceived, divided, plundered and abused Human Beings of All Skin Colors (the same or not, matters not) for Centuries upon Centuries.  This is the truth they want you to not believe.

Chart comes from this URL:

Read the Full Story from The Guardian.

One Group, One Struggle, One Race:  The Human Race Fighting For All Humans' Rights, All At Once, Undivided By Man Made Concepts, Titles, Faux History That Divides Us From Each Other.



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  1. Looks like fighting as any one 'group' except for The Human Race is Inherently Divisive, as it divides your 'group' from the body of the whole of all humanity. Stop selling your own self short inside a Group Identity. Be An Independent Human Being Who Stands Alone as A Human Being and In Solidarity with All Human Beings, Period. Anything else is a man made construct that divides us all and makes us all weaker and filled with minor conflicts to do with race, color, religion which does not speak directly to Being A Human With Human Rights. Stop being a less than. Be Human.