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The Isolated Personal Steinle Sanchez Tragedy in San Francisco July 2, 2015

 [  See Also July 20, 2015- 3:30pm PST Update on this story.   Fed BOP Inmate Analysis Posting, which supports Our Claim that This Juan Lopez-Sanchez may NOT have been in continous custody for past 40-46 months, as Texas and U.S. Federal Sources have been claiming.  Apparently, they may have gotten the AGES; Release Dates, Locations & Real Identities mixed up.  Tsk, tsk, tsk.  Or we need more info being suppressed, delayed for maximum political-social-financial gains of the elite who control mass media and many of our 'government officials'.
  READ UPDATE HERE in our July 10, 2015 Blog Article "Will The Real Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez in Fed BOP Custody Stand Please..."

     [ Updated:  Friday, July 10, 6:54PM PST ]  

      We're not going to post any pictures since you've all seen enough by now.

       This post is about what we know (from personal contact with Defendant Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, whom SF Public Defender Jeff Adachi's Office says is Mexican National, 45 years of age) and what we've seen, heard and researched about this matter, to help increase your awareness, reduce the Elite Media Hype and Agendas to change things that only diminish our rights and will not prevent another isolated human tragedy and accident, that we believe this case to be.

    In this posting, we're going to explain what is known or reasonably believed to be true in order from first hand knowledge and contact, to 2nd hand and then onto what the Mass Media, Talking Heads in Politics, Church and other 'Leaders' have assumed and 'rushed to judgement on' prematurely.  

    Included later will be identical scenarios in which isolated human tragedies that can't be prevented are exploited by the elite and the media so that can scare us into supporting their 'solutions' which always involve their deployment of top down policies, laws and schemes that generally never work, takes away rights, resources, cash flows from the people and our taxes with little provable results, that are very, very lucrative for the elite's financial operations and overseas bank accounts.

   This particular posting is a 'work in progress' that will tie in all the Liars, Cheaters, Thieves who exploit all sides of a human tragedy and their strategies over time and connected up to the present day.   We have so much material on all the corruption of our local, state and federal politicians now, it takes time to link up their agendas to the exploitations and then back to the personal and political gains made by thrusting faux solutions onto our localities that only further harm us and divide our communities, as they wish.  


   First off, Francisco, as we believe him to be the same man we've known from recent months and a year or two back, but not as far back as the Federal Officials claim he was being held for 46 Months continuously until March of 2015, in their Victorville, California Facility.

    But, many of us swear we saw him around a year and a half or two years ago.  The man we know looks like him, same age frame and same tiny build and mannerisms.   He once told one of our peers that he was afraid of being beaten again and showed a knife, asking if it was legal size or not because he didn't want to do anything illegal.   

   We will add to this later after we speak to more folks who work at local restaurants like Panchitas #2; The Skylark Door Men;  La Cumbre Taqueria and the lady who works at Panchitas that ran the Chronicle News Stand at 16th and Valencia and maybe the local beat cops who also had contact with him.

    We're also checking for police reports about him, proving he's been around here, at least once, during the time period he was supposedly in Federal Custody (perhaps a for profit prison or perhaps their records are not in proper order of release dates) and we're searching Bureau of Prison Records but we already have many conflicts in this case.


  1.  PD Office says Sanchez is 45 years old.  Other newspapers cite other officials (i.g. BOP, Texas) stating he's 52 years old.  There are alot of Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez combinations on their Inmate lookup site, but no March 2015 Release Date seen that matches properly. 

  2.  BOP statements suggest he's been continuously incarcerated until this past March, but haven't found the correct name, DOB, release date combination yet to verify this.  Yet, we have about five or six locals so far, who distinctly recall Francisco (or his twin brother) being here a few months ago AND within the time frame of about 1 and a half years to 2 years ago... not a full what would now be 40 months ago, which is 3 years and 4 months ago, back to 2011.  

  3.  Newspapers and politicians keep using inflammatory false statements such as "murderer, shot her to death" which has not been shown with evidence or proven to be fact, period.   Gun Shot Residue tests would tell us if in fact, he had the huge 40 caliber pistol in his hand and trajectory angle modelling would indicate from what angle and height above ground did the bullet come and indicate possible likely locations of any other rounds discharged at the same time, if any. 

           Oh, in a city where seven out of ten folks on big pharma drugs, the kind that causes sleepwalking, thoughts of violence and suicide had any one of our local citizens or tourists or visitors in a drug or alcohol induced state had come across that gun, and knew how to use it.... there could have been many more deaths and no policy change or immigration law or any other THING has the power to change the facts of an isolated human tragedy accident, period.
         At best, we can say for a fact, had that Federal Agents Pistol (some report its his issued weapon, others report its his personal gun) NOT been stolen or laying on the street, this ISOLATED PERSONAL TRAGEDY ACCIDENT would never have happened, in the very first place.

     Every thing after that is human folley and conditional and circumstantial in natural, --  human ways that no law or more cops or more money can ever fix.

     Being a human in a society where drugs, liquor, cell phone texting, amateur driver ride hailing and other destructive, displacement - impoverishment and incarcerate forces pushing all of us around -- It's a very risky business to be anywhere on our streets today, no matter who or where you are or where you come from.  And no higher number of laws or cops or money can STOP the corporations that push these harms upon us all, affecting tens of thousands of us at a time.    

     We've not found any reports of Gunshot Residue (aka GSR Test, most common phrase useage is 'gunshot' not 'gun shot' per google...) Test Information in this case yet.

        However, we did find out FBI Information and Guidelines to do with GSR Tests and how most police departments are trained about how and when to take them from a person detained or in custody.   We've heard no mention of this in any agency or media press or propaganda and don't understand why.

          Before we can reliably say anything about how or why this gun discharge happened, we can't make any intelligent or reasonable deductions, can we ?

    This evidence, prints on the gun, GSR on hands, clothes, T-Shirt where gun was allegedly found and more, the info on actual angle of the firing(s) is basic, primary information that should already be in the hands of the defense, police and prosecution already.   Perhaps when formal discovery takes place we shall have that all important, can't figure out a thing without it EVIDENCE.



    Peace out for now.  Our love goes out to every human being harmed by massive amount of drugs and liquor upon us that causes us to harm ourselves and each other, by accident or intent, or by drug induced states of being, that happens to us every single day, no matter who or where we are, or where we come from or how safe we think we are or should be.

MORE TO COME.  STAY TUNED.  -- We have Screen Shots of BOP Website to sort and review before posting... 

NOTE:  July 20, 2015 - 3:30pm PST - The results we got from the Federal Bureau of Prisons was so fascinating, we decided to make a separate blog posting about it that you all can find here:

You know, once you dig under the surface of any news story or emotionally charged issue, you'll be Amazed at what you find... :)

J. Leonard and Peers
Blog Moderators and Researchers

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