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Will The Real Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez in Fed BOP Custody Stand Please...

[ 9/13/2015 UPDATE!  The man we thought was Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez just showed up in town a week ago.   We're glad its not him.  We still 'see' the affects of the man in custody as being similiar to the man we know in the mission.  With info about 'ricochet' finally coming to light, we stand by all of our prior statements to do with 'rushing to judgement';  our CA State Atty General Calling the 'Shooter' a Murderer prematurely and other information posted to do with high fault rates of .40 caliber police pistols and how no law change or immigration policy change would have stopped a tragedy like this.  Bottom line is that a Federal Agent did not secure his weapon with a Trigger Guard or Lock Box, contrary to Federal Agency Policy and Presidential Orders.  Had the weapon not existed on the street without a Trigger Guard, no one would have been in harms way, in the very first place. ] 

[ 7/20/15- 3:30pm Editing Note:   Towards the bottom of this posting, we have The Inmate Register Numbers Updated to Show Jurisdictions, ig. Texas, Arizona, Southern California where 'Lopez' Inmates at Federal Facilities came from.   See Also Previous Post, Same Issues here:  ]
Update to Isolated Human Tragedy Accident we call the Steinle-Sanchez Case.

    We've asked SFPD Police and Local City Leaders and called upon SF District Attorney to 'Ease our Pain and prevent erroneous conclusions and rush to judgement' by giving us some idea if any of the fairly common basic Shooting Forensics Testing has been done in this disturbing case. 

    The SFPD referred us to SF D.A. George Gascon, and we're still awaiting a reply.

   Until then, we still have folks who want to know more about Who Owned the Fed Gun and what the real story is on his supposed 'Continuous Federal Facility Custody for past 40-46 Months' because when we checked out the Federal BOP Inmate Locator Website, here's what we got:

   We'll analyze the Last Three Digits of each Inmate Register Number to Determine which Jurisdictional Authority (LA County, Arizona, Texas, etc) from whence the Various aged Inmates 'named' Juan Lopez-Sanchezes came from & WHEN they were released from that Federal Victorville, CA Facility, where Texas & Federal sources said the Lopez-Sanchez in SF Jail Custody, was in 'continous custody' for the past 40 or 46 months, et cetera.

     Where oddly enough, an Aryan Leader named David Snow of Ohio (not sure if related to the Snow Family some of us know personally, from Montgomery-Cincinnati, OH, i.g. Tony Snow who worked for The White House during Bushie years) was murdered, at that same federal facility in Victorville, CA.

   Our problem is some SF locals need to see Juan in person to see if we know him as the short guy who was here in the mission, several months ago, AND within a 1-1/2 to 2 year time frame, contrary to what Feds are telling us about continuous custody, if its him.

   As we go through these and other records this week, we'll update this Blog Page.

     Remember:  Every Person in leadership, power and candidates for office (posers, actors, elite agenda pushers) trying to change policy, create new law and RE-ACT OUT OF CONTROL without having all pertinent facts in this case & solid evidence (i.g. Gunshot Residue, Ballistics Angle and Fingerprint Test Results), to an objective observer,  appears to be committing a Fraud and misleading us all, prematurely.  

   For personal, financial and political gains... or to cover up something else... to do with Fed Guns and Fed Facilities...

   UPDATE:   Here we have the FED BOP Inmates named 'Juan Sanchez' with their Jurisdictional Locations superimposed (in Blue) under each Inmate Register Number.
Last 3 Digits are significant, as follows:    123456 -XYY  
  Last two characters YY correspond to a list of Jurisdictions (i.g. Southern California District, Texas, etc.) from 01 to 99. 
     According to the BOP info and others, if the first digit of the 3 (X) is a zero, it means they came from a Jurisdiction of less than 100,000 people.  
     They mention if there is a 1 in the X position, it means that jurisdiction has over 100,000 residents.

     We assume that if there's a 2 or 3 in that first position (C) it may indicate jurisdictions that have 200,000 and 300,000 residents, onward, but we haven't confirmed that yet. 

     Here are the FED BOP Inmate Locator Search results with our notes as to Where the Inmate was Prosecuted,  Their Age (today) and their Release Date. 

      Using that Inmate Register Number we can go back and search out what facilities (i.g. Victorville, CA Fed Pen) they were at that correspond with their Release Date. 

 If this info is not right, we'll take in corrections and modify these postings accordingly. 

HIGH NOON UPDATE - Mon July 20, 2015:

    So, we perused the list of 10 Federal Inmates and looked at ones that were Close in Age, Arrested in Southwest or Had 2015 Release Date, and selected these as our preliminary targets in our quest to SEE which Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez is in Custody now and for how long before that.

      Was he in fact in 'continuous' federal custody at Victorville, CA Facility and released just this past March... so said The Feds who apparently Own The .40 Caliber Gun in Question.

    Or,  are we all being deceived to one extent or another because we have local folks we know and trust who swear we saw 'Juan Francisco Sanchez-Lopez' hanging out, like a scared rabbit, a few months ago...

    AND contrary to what we're being told -- also within the time frame of 18 months to 24 months or so ago (being really anytime between 2013, 2014 and 2015 time periods).

     Ask the former Chronicle News Stand Vendor lady who now works at Panchitas' on 16th Street, for confirmation.   

Here's what we've pieced Togther, so far: 

   BOP INMATE LOCATOR ITEM # 3                   Released:  09/02/2003  
Register#   12981-180    JUAN MANUEL LOPEZ-SANCHEZ      Age: 58    
Jurisdiction Authority:      Western District TEXAS

BLOG NOTES:   Age is off by about 5 years, and is only one from Texas.
   BOP INMATE LOCATOR ITEM # 4                   Released:  03/26/2015
Register#   14115-051   JUAN FRANCISC LOPEZ-SANCHEZ    Age: 34              
Jurisdiction Authority:     New Mexico District

BLOG NOTES:  1 of 2 Inmates Released in 2015.  Age Off By 10+ Years 
to 'Sanchez' in SF Custody for Steinle Incident.
   BOP INMATE LOCATOR ITEM # 6                  Released:  09/17/1990
Register#   24540-198   JUAN LOPEZ-SANCHEZ                      Age: 46              
Jurisdiction Authority:     Southern District California

BLOG NOTES:     Age off by 5 years. 
   BOP INMATE LOCATOR ITEM # 7                  Released:  10/30/2013  
Register#  62234-308   JUAN LOPEZ-SANCHEZ                       Age: 52              
Jurisdiction Authority:    District Arizona

BLOG NOTES:   This Inmate's Age 52 matches and is the closest to 
SF Sheriff-CA State VINE System's Posted Age-- for the alleged 
shooter in custody.

  We believe this Inmate #62234-008 is THE SAME ONE WE HAVE KNOWN on the streets of San Francisco a few months ago AND back in the aforementioned  2013-2014 time frame.   NOT in continuous Federal Custody as both TEXAS and U.S. Federal Officials and Talking Heads told us.  

   BOP INMATE LOCATOR ITEM # 8                  Released:  07/02/2003  
Register#  93050-008   JUAN LOPEZ-SANCHEZ                       Age: 43              
Jurisdiction Authority:    District Arizona

BLOG NOTES:   Age Off By 10+ Years to 'Sanchez' in SF Custody. 

   BOP INMATE LOCATOR ITEM # 10                Released:  03/06/2015  
Register#  96456-008   JUAN LOPEZ-SANCHEZ                       Age: 35              
Jurisdiction Authority:    District Arizona

BLOG NOTES: 2 of 2 Inmates Released in 2015. Age Off By 10+ Years 
to 'Sanchez' in SF Custody.

   Here is the Official Record, as of July 20, 2015 -- of the Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez in Custody for the Steinle Incident of July 2015:

Offender ID/CDCR#:  433208  Date of Birth:  01/08/1963
Age:   52       Race:    White    Gender:   Male
Custody Status:    In Custody
Location of Offender: San Francisco County Sheriff's Office

       So, boys and girls, chew on these FACTS for awhile, from the Federal Bureau of Prisons and The State of California and our Duly Elected San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi's Custody Records --  while we work on some reasonable Conclusions about our quest to see if the Real Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez 'in Continuous Federal Custody for the past 40-46 Months' Please Stand !

       The Media Hype, False or Highly Biased and Premature (immature) Accusations against our Honorable Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi (and Mayor Liar Liar Lee and all others) by Candidates for Office, by Mayor Lee, The Feds, The Anti-Immigration Groups, Talking Heads, Senator Feinstein, Trump and all the rest of the groups who wish to pass new laws and changes things, in response to this Isolated Human Tragedy Accident ARE LYING TO YOU ALL.

     Hahahaha.....   They are so Naked, it makes our peers laugh for hours on end.  So many people ran so fast and pointificated without even KNOWING:

  1.  Which Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez is REALLY in custody, or rather which one was in continuous fed custody and which one may NOT have been ?     Who has the correct RAP Sheet or crimes ?

  2.  Where is the pertinent evidence that would tell us FOR SURE who's prints were found on the Federal Pistol, if any and was the Gun shot from a Hand, T-Shirt or hitting the ground AND was it shot from short man's eye, shoulder, waist level or from the ground, indicating whether or not Gun was aimed and fired or dropped onto the ground.

    We would normally see some info on this (as in all other Gun Shot Cases) to do with Gunshot Residue, Latent Fingerprint and Ballistics (angle) Testing, which are noticeably absent in the media, in this particular case.

Any questions before we dig deeper into these Mass Media Charades and Acting Out by Leaders in Congress, Political Offices and Hater Groups ?


-END 07/20/2015 UPDATE-

# END #

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